Audio Recording: Apple Knew 17" PBs Would be Late in January

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Date: Thursday, February 27th, 2003, 08:44
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Despite publicly saying that the top-line 17″ PowerBook would be available in February, Apple executives privately told dealers in a meeting at Macworld Expo on January 8 not to expect the product until mid-March, if not later into April, Think Secret is reporting.

Think Secret has heard an audio recording of a dealer meeting that took place January 8 in San Francisco in which Apple’s Vice President of the Americas and Asia Pacific, John Brandon, specifically told those in attendance, “I realistically wouldn’t expect 17″ (PowerBook) units in your hands until mid-March at the very earliest.” When asked to be more specific on availability, Brandon told one dealer, “When I say mid-March, that’s my being (at my) most optimistic. I simply don’t think it will happen until much later…if we get as many orders as we expect, the wait could go deep into April, depending on where you are in line.” But while dealers were being told one thing, customers, media and industry analysts were being told something totally different. Read the full story at Think Secret.

Ed: But Nick — shouldn’t dealers and customers alike know they should ALWAYS translate “February” as “mid-March, but really late March, but really early April”? I’m holding out for the audio tape where we learn Apple knew Dock Magnification was dangerously addictive. 🙂 -PK

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