Back to the Future SE/30

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Date: Friday, January 17th, 2003, 00:00
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As featured as a sidebar in the current issue of MacAddict magazine and featured once before on MacSlash: The Electriclerk. We’ve all probably seen our fair share of Mac Hacks, but the Electriclerk really takes the Mac hack to a new level. Take an old piece of technology like the SE/30, go another few decades back in time and meld it with Underwood typewriter (circa 1923) and you’ve got the Electriclerk.

It’s really an amazing piece of craftsmanship, visually interesting and still functional. The manual metal keys (plus the 10-key pad) works, even the mechanical carriage return is said to work. If you have any appreciation for functioning geek art, this is by far the best piece I’ve ever seen.

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