Boblbee Backpacks are Perfect for PowerBooks

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Date: Friday, July 11th, 2003, 07:01
Category: Luggage, PowerBook 15-Inch

High praise for the Boblbee Megalopolis. The latest in a series of articles about luggage for your laptop.

Any of my friends know I have a disturbingly large assortment of bags. I have several dozen backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder bags, pouches, and sacks. I have owned laptop bags of all kinds, and sleeves and slipcases too.
The only bag that I’ve consistantly used for more than a year now is a Boblbee Megalopolis, Millennium Edition. This isn’t merely the bag I fall back on when another fails, it’s quite simply the best bag I have ever owned.
This bag looks much more serious than it is. I don’t go mountain biking or cross country skiing, but I do routinely hike through metro jungles and took this backpack on many a trip through New York City over the last 18 months, and due to the fabulous design and support system of this pack, I never had a backache. Also worth noting, I wore this backpack through London and Munich while hoping on planes, trains and diving into automobiles, and it took some serious beatings. The hard protective case kept my goods safe at all times.
The company Web site is hard to navigate using Safari, but if you like what you see, I recommend you fire up IE and view the website to get a better look at their variety of products.
On PowerPage there have been a lot of stories lately regarding luggage and bags for our PowerBooks and iBooks. The Megalopolis style is the largest backpack Boblbee makes, and it holds a PowerBook 15-Inch with ease. For a very snug fit, you can slip a PowerBook 17-Inch, but you wouldn’t be able to use a nice slip case from SFBags/WaterField. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend a Boblbee for our 17-Inch companions unless you can find a store that carries them and try it out for yourself. (New Yorkers, please consult YRB.)
Home to my PowerBook as well as an assortment of other goodies, (iPod, books, magazines, Palm Tungsten|T, mobile phone, camera) the Boblbee is my preferred item for moving to and from the office and across town. Sometimes I wouldn’t mind a bag that is more suited for a stuffier business environment, though the Boblbee often opens up great conversation when people see it. And it certainly stands out in a crowd.

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