Borg OS No Longer A Problem

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Date: Tuesday, February 8th, 2005, 22:50
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Apple has finally solved an age-old problem for people who upgrade systems like they’re water, sans Setup Assistant. Read more…

If you?re like me, you prefer Disk Utility?s imaging to Setup Assistant. Mac OS X has the luxury of being reverse and forward compatible? so why not. As an added bonus, you can sell your old laptop before your new one arrives. 🙂
Anyways, your new PowerBook arrives, you restore the image to it, and find that thanks to that new trackpad, you can?t use it, because while the new PowerBooks have 10.3.7, only the PowerBook?s restore disc has the new trackpad’s drivers.
This is what is commonly known as a ?Borg OS? release. An OS X release that has a higher internal build number, but still has the same official version number. This is actually very common, but in the OS X era, solving it used to mean either Archive & Install, or the Setup Assistant. Neither option extremely attractive.
Thankfully, Apple has a solution (mostly because they probably use the same approach of drive imaging internally that we do?). All you have to do is insert your Restore Disc, boot from it, proceed to install OS X (chosing the Install option, not Archive & Restore), and at the final step, the OS will show Upgrade instead of Install.
Instantly, your old PowerBook?s entire installation works in your new PowerBook with almost zero downtime.
From the we?re-next-if-Apple-wins-they?re-suehappy-campaign department?

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