Browser Wars: Chimera Tricks

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Date: Tuesday, January 21st, 2003, 00:00
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Since the launch of Safari at MWSF03, I have started to question the lack of some of these neat features not included in Chimera. Thanks to eFritz and the Chimera Board a number of additional tips and tricks to make Chimera even more efficient are now available here.

By simply showing the package contents of Chimera and adding a couple lines of code here and there, users can enable a number of features including, but not limited to:

  • Searching Google From The Address Bar
  • Setting Up Key Combos For Bookmarks
  • Enabling Site Icons In The Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Spoofing Chimera To Be Another Browser
  • Blocking Specific Site Ads
  • Making Source Code Wrap
  • Enabling HTTP/1.1 Pipelining
  • Viewing A PDF Without Having To Open Acrobat or Preview

By taking a bit of time to modify Chimera, browser efficiency is significantly increased to allow for a sleeker and more intuitive web experience.

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