Browser Wars: Netscape 7 Released

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Date: Thursday, August 29th, 2002, 07:00
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The final version of Netscape 7 was released today for all platforms, including Mac OS X. Tabbed browsing, introduced in this release, will be familiar to users of Mozilla. Also included in this release: “quick launch” (not terribly quick, but perhaps in comparison to Netscape 6?), bookmark groups, website icons, full screen mode, update notifications for websites, download manager, and finally, in feature parity with Microsoft, the ability to download entire website archives. If you haven’t given the Netscape / Mozilla / Chimera family a try, at least one of these deserves a download and test run, and the release of a more mature Netscape is a welcome development. For all the talk of MSIE as “the best browser on any platform,” there’s a lot to look at in its competitors.

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