Built on GHz: DockFun! v3.6

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Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2002, 10:19
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John MacDonnell has updated his great shareware app, DockFun, to 3.6. There’a a new application launcher and Jaguar enhancements, and the whole app has been ported from Carbon to Cocoa. John tells us the whole app was developed on his new PowerBook G4 1GHz; he’s a “switcher” of sorts, having reluctantly given up his desktop machine. John writes, “I was afraid that developing on a laptop wouldn’t give me same result as working on my desktop with 19 inch display and a comfortable keyboard and mouse . . . I’m extremely satisfied to see that with the new Titanium I have not only the same power but also it as a great bright display which can be taken on the train and on my trips… definitely the most powerful PB ever!!!” Now I feel motivated to learn a little more about app development, John, on my Ti; thanks! Good New Years’ Resolution! (I will develop an app that does something other than ‘Hello World’!)

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