Canadian Apple Store Opens

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Date: Sunday, May 22nd, 2005, 17:32
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The first Apple store in Canada opened on Saturday, May 21. Lines were out the doors, and around the parking lot! Read More…

The first Canadian Apple store opened yesterday at the Yorkdale Shpping Mall in Toronto. Lines stretched down the mall and out the doors, and around the parking lot. The store is very similar to the Aventura Mall store in North Miami Beach (a smaller store). No fixed perfomance area, just lots of product.
I finally got to the store on Sunday afternoon, and there was still a security guard regulating traffic into the store. The store was, of course jammed with people, and a good number were purchasing items. No specials or grab bags available.
Funny thing is that Yorkdale just expanded and open a new wing, where Apple could have put a two floor store with the glass staircase. No luck yet, but word is that they will be putting in a store at the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto and perhaps we’ll be lucky then.

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