Apple extends warranty coverage of iPhone XS, iPhone XR battery cases to two years

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Date: Tuesday, January 14th, 2020, 03:48
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If you just bough an iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR Smart Battery Case, you just got a free extra year of warranty on it.

Apple has launched the Smart Battery Case Replacement Program for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, which covers all cases made through October of 2019.

Apple has also identified the following issues which have led to the replacement program:

  • The battery case will not charge or charges intermittently when plugged into power.
  • The battery case does not charge the iPhone or charges it intermittently.

Given that the case is only a year old, most of the units sold are under warranty. This offers an additional year of free coverage, and Apple says it will evaluate each Smart Battery Case to verify that they are eligible once they are brought in for service.

Users can get their Smart Battery Case replaced at a local Apple Store location, or via an Apple Authorized Service Provider. All models and colors of the case are included in the program.

Via Macworld

Brydge announces Pro+ keyboard/trackpad for use with iPad Pro, standalone trackpad products

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Date: Wednesday, January 8th, 2020, 03:10
Category: Accessory, Apple, battery, Bluetooth, iPad Air, iPadOS, MacBook Pro, News

These could be very cool.

Accessory maker Brydge has announced two new products designed to close the gap between the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro notebook.

The company’s Pro+ keyboard for the iPad Pro offers a built-in trackpad as well as a similar look and feel to Apple’s notebooks. The Pro+ keyboard will arrive in two different sizes to fit the 11.9-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with its battery lasting for around three months and the trackpad supporting multi-touch as well.

Brydge has also announced its standalone iPad OS trackpad to accompany the iPad Pro.

Brydge has not stated as to exactly when the Pro+ keyboard will ship, but potential buyers can sign up to register their interest now. The Pro+ keyboard requires iPadOS 13 or later to install and run.

The 11.9-inch Pro+ keyboard retails for $199.99 while the 12.9-inch version is priced at and $229.99.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via iMore and Brydge

Apple posts installation instructions for 2019 Mac Pro upgrades

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Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2019, 03:43
Category: Apple, battery, Desktop Mac, Hardware, Mac Pro, News, Processors, security

With the launch of the 2019 Mac Pro, Apple on Tuesday revealed a dedicated support webpage complete with directions as to how to upgrade the RAM, PCIe cards, and other components of the new Mac Pro.

Previously reserved for the cylindrical 2013 Mac Pro, Apple’s support page was redesigned today with resources specific to the 2019 version that went up for sale this week.

The primary page of the web site features links for macOS support, backing up a Mac, and migrating data from one Mac to another. A second section covers installation of parts both inside and outside the modular Mac. Support videos include guides for upgrading RAM as well as installing up to two Mac Pro Expansion (MPX) modules, as seen below:

The site also explains how to replace the I/O card and power supply, but warns users to contact a service provider to replace SSD modules and install chassis wheels.

Other guides include tutorials as to how to connect multiple displays, an explanation of the T2 Security chip, information about RAM types, and an overview of supported PCIe cards.

Stay tuned for additional details and if you’ve gotten your paws on the new Mac Pro, please let us know about your experience with the new desktop in the comments.

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Rumor: 2020 model iPhones could feature larger battery units, smaller/thinner surrounding modules

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Date: Tuesday, December 10th, 2019, 03:38
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The 2020 model iPhones could feature a customer battery protection module that is nearly 50 percent smaller and thinner than those found in previous iPhones. The smaller module, in turn, could free up some internal space in iPhone 12 models, potentially paving the way for a slight increase in battery capacity. 

The report currently states that the new module would be sourced by Korean firm ITM Semiconductor.

A battery protection circuit helps to prevent over-charging and over-discharging. The new module from ITM Semiconductor combines the protection circuit with a MOSFET and PCB, eliminating the need for a holder case. 

It’s also been reported that ITM Semiconductor has already supplied the new modules to Samsung for the Galaxy S11 handset.

Apple is thought to have four high-end iPhone models in the works for 2020, include a 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch models, and a 6.7-inch model. The four models are expected to feature OLED displays, 5G support, an iPhone 4-esque metal frame, up to 6GB of RAM, and up to a triple-lens rear camera with 3D sensing alongside other features.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has the largest battery life of any iPhone ever, lasting up to five hours longer than the iPhone XS Max per charge.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via MacRumors, The Elec (1, 2)

Apple cites unexpected shutdown issue with some 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro notebooks, offers guidance as to how to resolve issue

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Date: Thursday, December 5th, 2019, 03:04
Category: Apple, battery, Hardware, MacBook Pro, News, Thunderbolt

As drool-worth as the 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro might be, Apple has just confirmed that some users have reported experiencing unexpected shutdowns with the notebook.

Apple, in turn, has offered the following guidance, which also suggests that users wait until the computer’s battery is below 90 percent before charging:

Check if your computer’s battery is less than 90 percent charged. If not, use it until it is.

Connect your computer to its power adapter.

Fully exit all open applications.

Close your computer’s lid, putting it into sleep mode.

Charge your computer for at least eight hours.

After charging it for eight hours, update your MacBook Pro to the most recent version of macOS.

If these steps don’t rectify the problem, you may have to contact Apple or make an appointment with the Genius Bar.

If you’ve seen this issue on your end with your 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro and have any feedback to offer, please let us know about your experience in the comments.

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iFixit publishes x-ray teardown of 2019 model Smart Battery cases

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Date: Wednesday, November 27th, 2019, 03:37
Category: Apple, battery, Cases, Hardware, iPhone, Lightning, News

When in doubt, use an x-ray machine.

The cool cats at iFixit have just performed a full x-ray teardown of Apple’s new Smart Battery Cases for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Each case is quoted as adding 50 percent additional battery life to its respective iPhone model.

Compared to last year’s battery cases, the new cases have a camera button on the right side that’s designed to open the camera when it’s pressed. With the Camera app open, pressing the button takes a photo, and holding it down takes a QuickTake video. 

According to the x-rays, the camera button operates through a small circuit board in the case, which features a thin, flexible circuit that runs to the photo button. The circuit board is designed to operate the camera button via the Lightning port at the bottom of the case.

The button is designed to be just a bit recessed to prevent it from activating in a pocket or a bag, and you do need to hold it down for just a bit to open the camera app to begin with.

Other features within the case include an inductive charging coil alongside the 10.9v battery and other internal circuitry.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via MacRumors and iFixit

Satechi announces Compact Backlit Keyboard for Mac, and iOS devices

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Date: Tuesday, November 26th, 2019, 03:56
Category: Accessory, Apple, battery, iOS, iPad, iPhone, News, USB-C

This looks pretty cool.

Accessory maker Satechi on Monday announced its Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac, iPad, and iPhone on Monday.

The unit arrives with a full keyboard layout, including number pad, sports up to 600 hours of battery life, charges via USB-C, and can connect up to three devices simultaneously.

Other features include the following:

  • Illuminated backlit keys provide ten levels of brightness for optimal use in a variety of low-light environments.
  • Connect up to three different Bluetooth devices to the keyboard for seamless workflow across preferred workstations.
  • Extended battery life of up to 600 hours and rechargeable USB-C port ensures uninterrupted productivity.
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 4.7 x 0.4 inches

Satechi’s Compact Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard is available now direct from Satechi for $80. The company is also running a 20 percent off promotion for the launch, bringing the price down to $64. Use code “BACKLIT20” at checkout through November 27 to snag the discount.

Via 9to5Mac

Apple releases updated Smart Battery cases for 2019 model iPhones, incorporate wireless charging, physical camera button features

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Date: Thursday, November 21st, 2019, 03:43
Category: Accessory, Apple, battery, Hardware, iPhone, News

Apple on Wednesday launched its line of Smart Battery case for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max handsets. While the cases look very similar to last year’s cases, they arrive in pink, white, and black colors, feature wireless charging support and offer a physical button that automatically opens the iPhone’s camera app when pushed — even if your phone is locked.

If you turn the phone horizontally for a shot, your right index finger should naturally rest right near the button’s location on the case. Holding it down will start recording a video using the new QuickTake feature available on this year’s iPhones. 

The new Smart Battery cases retail for $129, with Apple stating they can expect “up to 50 percent” extra battery life using them.

If you happen to snag one of the new cases over the next few days, please let us know about your experience in the comments.

Via The Verge

Apple updates MacBook Pro with 16-inch display and redesigned keyboard; $7,612 fully loaded

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Date: Wednesday, November 13th, 2019, 22:37
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Apple unveiled its long-awaited 16-inch MacBook Pro today featuring a larger, 16-inch Retina display, a redesigned Magic keyboard, 100Wh battery, better microphones and speakers. Apple claims it offers 80 percent better performance than previous models.

Notable features of the new MacBook Pro 16:

  • 16-inch Retina display
  • Magic keyboard (1mm travel)
  • 100Wh battery (US FAA maximum)
  • Six-speaker sound system
  • Improved microphones
  • Physical escape key
  • Physical power button with Touch ID

Prices for the new MBP16 start at:

  • $2,399 – 2.6GHz 6-core w/16GB and 512GB storage.
  • $2,799 – 2.3GHz 8-core w/16GB RAM and 1TB storage.

A couple things to note, right out of the gate.

First, those are the same prices that the MacBook Pro 15 sold for yesterday, so more bang for your (same) buck. Second, the prices above aren’t even close to what you’ll actually end up paying for Apple’s latest iron.

For example, the “good” MBP16 (a.k.a. the “$2399” one) will really cost you $3,028 when you add AppleCare+ (a requirement in my opinion), CA state tax (for example), assuming free shipping.

Meanwhile, the “better” model MBP16 (the “$2799” one) will cost you $3,464 with AppleCare+, CA state tax, and free shipping.

The most remarkable MPB16 option…


iFixit releases full teardown of AirPods Pro earbuds

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Date: Monday, November 4th, 2019, 03:49
Category: AirPods, AirPods Pro, Apple, AppleCare+, battery, Hardware, News, Take Apart

The cool cats at iFixit have performed and documented their teardown of the new $249 AirPods Pro earbuds, noting some amazing stuff in there as well as awarding it the same zero repairability score of both generations of the original AirPods.

Despite the replaceable $4-per-pair proprietary silicone tips that provide noise isolation and an improved fit, almost none of the components can be replaced by the customer.

The AirPods Pro are a bit heavier, each AirPod Pro bud weighing in at 0.19 ounces, or 33 percent heaver than the previous versions. The new charging case is also notably chunkier, weighing 1.61 ounces, compared to the original case’s 1.34 ounces. 

iFixit also discovered a 1.98 Wh watch-style button cell battery inside each AirPod, replacing the pin-type battery found in the original ‌AirPods‌. iFixit notes that this could be the same battery found in Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, and those are replaceable, but Apple has tethered the battery to a soldered cable, so ‌AirPods‌ customers will have no such luck. 

iFixit has noted that given the lack of repairability, once the battery dies in an AirPods Pro earbud, the entire unit will need to be replaced. This amounts to $178, each AirBud replacement retailing for $89 in the United States.

However, the fees are lower if a customer has purchased AppleCare+ for Headphones. The plan costs $29 upfront, plus charges a $29 fee to replace a pair of damaged ‌AirPods Pro‌ or their case. This coverage applies for up to two years from the date ‌AppleCare‌+ is purchased and is limited to two incidents. 

You probably won’t be repairing the AirPods Pro, especially given how tightly glued together the units are, but take a gander at the teardown for additional information.

Via MacRumors and iFixit