Chimera: Cocoa Gecko

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Date: Friday, August 2nd, 2002, 09:18
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I was browsing around reading up on the latest Mac news using Netscape 7 PR1 and I stumbled across this article on Ars Technica mentioning a Mozilla project called Chimera. Chimera is the Cocoa UI wrapped around Gecko, the rendering engine inside Netscape 7.

I’m using it now. It’s only at version 0.4 right now, but the browser already offers the speed of OmniWeb and the rendering reliability and accuracy of Netscape 7. I’m going to work with it for a few days to see how it goes, but this is the browser I have been waiting for.

The download is 7MB and it extracts to a 20MB app. No frills but it is what it is – a good, complete, fast browser. Let the Mac faithful know!

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