Contour Design Announces UniTrap

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Our good friends at Contour Design announced their latest product, the UniTrap, yesterday. It is an add-on enhancement for Apple’s “hockey-puck” mouse, which ships with all iMac and Blue/White Power Macintosh G3 systems, that snaps onto the “hockey-puck” to produce a full-sized mouse. Here’s the deally from the press release:

The UniTrap transforms your iMac or G3 mouse to a sleek, comfortable, full-sized mouse. It is a three piece snap-on design consisting of one top shell, one bottom shell, and five tasty flavored interchangeable buttons all in one package. It completely encloses the round mouse to give the user maximum com-fort and control. In addition, the larger contoured button provides easier clicking.

“One Advantage of the UniTrap is that it does not add additional width to the already wide 3″ diameter of the round mouse,” said Timothy Donaghy, Director of Marketing for Contour Design, Inc. “The UniTrap design allows the user to remove the sides of the round mouse to minimize the width, prior to placing it into the bottom shell. One piece slip-on shells currently on the market add up to an additional quarter inch to an already wide mouse. We feel many users will find 3.25″ is too wide for good comfort and control. For example the standard Apple ADB mouse is only 2.5″ at its widest point. Another benefit of the UniTrap is that it allows the user to keep the state-of-the-art mouse mechanism and top of the line switches that Apple uses in their round mouse.”

  • Comfortable Full-sized Mouse.
  • Larger Contoured Button for Easier Clicking.
  • Ergonomically Designed Body for Easy Grip and
  • Maximum Comfort and Control.
  • 3 Piece Snap-on Design for Easy Assembly.
  • Five Interchangable Colored Buttons in one package.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Sounds sweet. The UniTrap sells for US$14.99 and is available right now from MacMall and ClubMac. To get a quick taste at the three-step assembly instructions, check out their UniTrap Assembly Instructions.

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