Dell Precision M60 Mobile Workstation

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Date: Monday, July 7th, 2003, 21:13
Category: Hardware, PC Notebook

Dell has a new mobile workstation that not only features a port replicator, but also lets you use a new stand, raising the laptop display to an ideal height for desktop use.

The Dell Precision M60 mobile workstation is a 15.4 inch wide-aspect ration laptop with a native resolution of, ahem, 1920×1200.
You can also get this laptop with a stand similar in function to the Griffin iCurve to keep the laptop hoisted high and the display visable. In fact – in my opinion it works better than the iCurve because it keeps the display even higher, at proper eye-level.
You can buy the Dell M60 with Bluetooth and three different flavors of 802.11, but you can’t run Mac OS X on it. For people that keep a PC notebook around however, the Dell is certainly worth evaluating and with any luck will push Apple towards developing better solutions for business users.
We have these gorgeous laptops with great displays. A traditional dock such as the Duo Dock would hide the Ti or Al masterpiece you cherish – but a nice stand with a built in port replicator? Centerpiece of any cubical, corner office or home office.

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