Dude, You?re NOT Getting a Dell

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Date: Monday, May 5th, 2003, 23:48
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The Mac guy who ALMOST ordered a Dell. Uh-Oh, what caused this? What prevented it?

We?ve all seen the commercials, but is a Dell really for everyone? As a Mac user for six years it seemed impossible for me to ever consider switching back to a Windows PC. With regret I must admit that I almost purchased a Dell to replace my 700MHz iBook last week. Fortunately, I took the time to research and compare the current Macintosh desktop line with Dell?s newest offerings to make an educated decision rather than haphazardly choosing a computer for its price tag. I can admit that Dell?s marketing department deserves recognition for their clever promotional offerings. More than ever, it makes sense to me why companies such as Gateway are unable to compete with some of Dell?s ?unbeatable? selling schemes. While Dell offers lower prices than Apple on computer systems ?loaded? with extras such as 6 months free of America Online and Harman Kardon speakers with a subwoofer, the Macintosh still offers more bang for your buck when a direct feature-by-feature comparison is made. More @ MacHelpNet

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