Easy, Cheap Wifi on a 2400c

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Date: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2002, 08:00
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I picked up a PowerBook 2400c at a yard sale the other day for US$250, with everything included, including a green Apple backpack/case, designed for Apple notebooks, and an external cd-rom. It was immaculate. I was thinking, gee, I wonder if it will work with my AirPort Network?

I went to the store and got a Orinoco Silver WiFi card, for US$79. I downloaded the MacOS drivers from their Web site.

Install, restart 2400. Insert card, It is done. The wizard makes it easy. I was attached in minutes.Oh, and don’t forget to change your AppleTalk and TCP/IP to the Orinoco setting.

It is working perfectly, and my wife is on her iBook surfing right beside me, with her AirPort card.

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