Eskape Also Announces MyVideo

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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While the MyCapture II is the low-end video capture device, the MyVideo (“Eskape Labs Announces MyVideo for Macintosh“) appears to be the higher-end video capture device, which features video capture and also record back onto tape.

“In a very short time Eskape has been able to compile a number of industry ‘firsts’,” said Christopher Knight, Eskape Labs vice president of sales andmarketing. “MyVideo may be the most significant from a technological perspective. Capturing video over USB at full frame rates is challenging in its ownright. Providing a solution that moves full rate video in both directions over USB was thought to be improbable. MyVideo joins MyCapture and MyTV asEskape Labs’ first three products, all unique in the market, and all technical milestones.”

MyVideo is the only product of its type to provide full-frame 30fps 320×240 (NTSC) and 25fps 384×288 (PAL) video capture and playback. As with otherEskape solutions, MyVideo is the only USB video capture device that uses high-quality M-JPEG hardware compression, enabling superior video quality andperformance. MyVideo supports both NTSC and PAL video formats and comes equipped with connections for both composite and S-video inputs.

The MyVideo will sell for US$200 when it ships in November.

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