Eudora, you Sucka

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Date: Monday, October 28th, 2002, 00:00
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An excerpt:

It’s 1994. I need an email client to use this new POP3 thing my ISP offers. I zero in on Eudora. It’s the best!

It’s 2002. I am exploring my options and my needs have grown. Eudora has managed to get slower, dumber, and less elegant. Or have my standards merely changed?

Usually I just use an email program called mutt. It is wicked-fast, can do PGP (GPG) and opens a mailbox faster than a pine user can say “expunging please wait.”

There comes a time in a fella’s life when they start to realize that maybe massive amounts of mail on tap with IMAP isn’t so bad after all – and running a local client has some advantages when you’re using GPRS over BlueTooth to a mobile phone to get your mail, and latency isn’t so hot.

I’m one of those jackasses that never deletes an email.

I like having all of my mail on my mail server though – which is why I stick to mutt or an IMAP client. I think most people gave up on POP3 a long time ago, it sucks. And storing email on your workstation is awful for those of us that use multiple machines, or don’t want to add to our local backups.

Last issue of MacWorld I read had Andy writing about today’s email clients for OS X. Most of them I had at least heard of and probably used. But I hadn’t used Eudora in years, and decided to download the latest beta through a listing at Version tracker. I read up on it, saw that it had SSL support (great!) and downloaded it and installed the application.

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