Extreme PowerBook: Coffee Edition

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Date: Sunday, June 19th, 2005, 14:54
Category: Hardware, PowerBook 15-Inch

TiBook takes hot JAVA and survives – coffee, that is – and son survives too!

I was away from my computer when I heard my son yell, “tip the computer!” I returned to the room to find my son mopping up a pool of coffee (12 oz) flowing from my beloved TI 667. The screen was still on, but the computer did not respond to the keyboard or the mouse. I was surprised to find the computer shut down when I held the power button. I removed the battery, from which coffee spilled out from the compartment. When I lifted the keyboard, I found coffee on the memory modules, which I removed and dried. Since we had to leave for a week of vacation in NYC, I left the computer tilted on it’s edge with the battery compartment down on a towel. When I returned, I replaced the battery and plugged in. I was elated when the computer booted up without a hitch! Now, when the fan turns on, there is a faint smell of Sumatra, and a smile on the face of a proud TI owner!

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