Extreme PowerBook: Tough iBook Screen

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Date: Wednesday, February 12th, 2003, 10:00
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All the time I thought the display of an iBook is fairly fragile – but it isn’t.

I was laying on bed and reading some articles in the internet with my 500MHz iBook. There my children began fighting for the key of the door. Suddenly Christoph (11) threw the key in my direction from 4 m distance and hit the display in the upper right corner (3 cm from the frame) – it was an ugly sound.

I saw a flash of colors around the impact point and one second later the display was dark. But it was not dead! The iBook immediately went into sleep mode (I have no explanation why.) No breaks, no damage.

All seemed to work normal. Not even a dead pixel. Finally I found a small (1x 0.5 mm) trace in the plastic surface of the display – barely detectable. And a second trace at the Al-frame of the display. Performance and design is good for marketing, but toughness and reliability is good for me. And the iBook meets it all.

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