Farallon Ships SkyLINE Wireless PC Card

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Farallon today announced the shipment of their US$299 SkyLINE wireless PC card. The card has an “operating range up to 1000ft in open air; up to 300ft indoors to an access point or other wireless device” and is compatible with “PowerBooks 190, 5300, 1400, 2400, 3400, and G3 Series using Mac OS 7.5.5 or later.”

According to Farallon’s SkyLINE FAQ the device is compatible with iBook‘s AirPort:

Preliminary tests show that SkyLINE is compatible with Apple’s AirPort wireless solution for iBook. Farallon guarantees compatibility by the time AirPort ships.

Note, you can mix 2Mb 802.11 wireless products with 11Mb 802.11a 11Mb wireless products on a single access point, such as Apple’s AirPort.

Note: PowerPage labs have been testing a pair of SkyLINE cards for about three weeks with excellent results, read our Exclusive SkyLINE First Look and stay tuned for a full review!

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