FoneFox tests iPhone 6s Plus bendiness, comes up with impressive results

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Date: Friday, September 25th, 2015, 10:52
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The good news is we might not have to deal with “BendGate 2.0” where the iPhone 6s is concerned.

Following last year’s controversy, Apple strengthened the weak points of its iPhone 6s handsets and added a new, stronger 7000 series aluminum to the device.

It seems to have helped.

The YouTube channel FoneFox put the iPhone 6s Plus through its bend-related paces to see what improvements had been made.

In the video, the phone is given the same bend test it was given a year ago. FoneFox’s Christian simply wraps his hands around the device and attempts to bend it in the middle. While the phone starts to bend under more and more pressure it snaps back to its normal shape once the test is over. Christian notes that he can feel his thumb sink into the back of the device, but that the phone doesn’t stay bent.

The video then adds a second person to the test, getting each person to pull on one side of the iPhone 6s Plus. The handset does bend, but it still seems to take two people to bend the unit.

For comparison, the iPhone 6 Plus bent in just a couple seconds in the original bend test video.

If you’ve gotten your mitts on the iPhone 6s Plus and have anything to offer about its bendability, please let us know in the comments.

Via MacRumors and FoneFox

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