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Date: Tuesday, September 28th, 2004, 03:51
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Don’t have access to Apple’s coveted Service Manuals or take-apart docs? Fear not, PB FixIt has announced six new members of the FixIt Guide Series. Take-apart guides for all iBook G3, PowerBook G3, and PowerBook G4 models are now available for free. Link after the jump…

PB FixIt today announced six new members of the groundbreaking FixIt Guide Series. Guides are now available for all iBook G3, PowerBook G3, and PowerBook G4 models. Each FixIt Guide contains detailed disassembly instructions that walk the reader through the process of easily accessing and replacing damaged components. The Guides make laptop disassembly so simple, even novices can perform advanced repairs with ease.
Key features of the new FixIt Guides:
* Customized instructions for each part
* New, user-friendly layout
* Professional, close-up pictures of each step
* Printable screw guides to keep track of screws
* Free online at
The FixIt Guide Series makes it easy for you to do the repair yourself. The end users who’ve tested these Guides rave about how easy they make laptop repair, even with no prior experience. Finally, Mac repair for the masses!
All twelve FixIt Guides are available immediately for free on PB FixIt’s Web site.

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