“Geohot” reveals untethered hack for iPhone, cites method will “probably” work for iPad

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Date: Friday, March 26th, 2010, 07:46
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Over in the hacking domain, George Hotzhas demonstrated a new method to permanently “jailbreak” the iPhone 3GS, and he said the hack will “probably” work on the iPad, which goes on sale next week.

Per AppleInsider, Hotz, known online as “Geohot,” posted a recent blog entry including video which demoed a jailbroken iPhone 3GS being rebooted. The handset had been hacked via the first untethered method to date.

“The jailbreak is all software based, and is as simple to use as blackra1in,” Hotz said, referencing his previous iPhone 3GS crack that employed a method known as a tethered jailbreak. “It is completely untethered, works on all current tethered models (ipt2, 3gs, ipt3), and will probably work on iPad too.”

Late last year, Apple quietly updated the BootROM in the iPhone 3GS to thwart potential hackers. The change marked the first time ever that the handset maker had modified its hardware in the middle of a product line, without a new model released.

The new BootROM, known as iBoot-359.32, has proven challenging for hackers, who have only been able to implement the tethered jailbreak, which requires users to connect their iPhone to a computer via USB every time they reboot the device. Hotz claims his latest hack will not require a USB connection.

While iPhone users can rely on jailbreaking to unlock their handset for use with unauthorized carriers, the 3G-capable version of the iPad, scheduled to arrive in late April, ships unlocked by default. However, its 3G frequencies are only compatible with AT&T in the U.S.

Apple and the jailbreaking community, led by Hotz and a separate group of hackers known as the iPhone Dev Team, have gone back and forth for some time, as the Cupertino, Calif., company has looked to close avenues used by hackers. One of the main concerns about jailbreaking is piracy, as the procedure can allow users to steal software from the App Store.

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2 Responses to ““Geohot” reveals untethered hack for iPhone, cites method will “probably” work for iPad”

  1. I can’t wait for this to come out. Is this jailbreak going to support OS 3.1.3 or not? I’m sorry if it’s obvious and I just missed it somehow. I’ve always been jailbroken until my new 3GS with new bootrom and OS 3.1.3:

  2. You know one of the main reasons i Jailbroke my iPhone was to use a external bluetooth GPS unit with it as well as an unauthorised carrier, WTF have Apple locked down the bluetooth which is standard on every single cheap phone out there?!

    I do not want to use their standard interface, i bought this phone, its mine, i can do whatever i feel like with it. I don't pirate software, but i use the additional functionality that i get from jailbreaking, such as cycorder, 5 icon dock and Winterboard.