Go2Mac Weekend Edition: Camping With Your PowerBook

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Reader Jamie Morehead writes:

With all of the new excitement surrounding the TiBook I was wondering if you could post this call for thoughts on mobile computing:

Camping with a PowerBook for a year… I would like to hear any input that readers may have on ways to trick out with mobile computing gear while camping in a mobile home or trailer, cross-country, for a year.

I’d like to hear any suggestions on mobile phone connectivity, ISP, solar panels or any other gear that makes a PowerBook more than just a kick-ass portable.

I guess I’m interested in powerful but economical ideas. However, I also want to hear what is possible if budget is not a concern. Anything!

I’ve turned to y’all at Go2Mac because I just can’t find it anywhere else…

Please help!

Two words: rain gear. No seriously, Jamie brings up an excellent question, after all, who can stand to be away from their TiBook for more than 24 hours? Post your thoughts on Power Camping using the feedback link below.

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