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Date: Wednesday, December 4th, 2002, 00:00
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I just stumbled upon a great article in this month’s issue of SmartMoney – The Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business.

It compiles a list of tips and tricks from Walt Mossberg, making Google even more appealing. (Like we need another reason to use it) Very informative! I liked the fact that with the terms you type into the front page, the other modules – images, groups, etc – are automatically populated. Also news to me, is that Google has a number of “special” search engines, including engines focusing on the Macintosh.

For those of us who would like a look at the search terms and demographics, but don’t have the admin password, check out the aggregate data of the site’s patrons. One click to a stock quote, look up yourself just by phone number, and quick dictionary definitions. And for that holiday shopping out there, don’t forget

(Some have suggested putting your credit card number in Google to see if it crops up on any hacking sites, but we recommend trying CardCops instead.)

So, what do you Google?

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