Google releases PhotoScan app, brings scanning-level features to photography app

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Date: Wednesday, November 16th, 2016, 05:19
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This smacks of the spiffy.

Google has just released PhotoScan, its new app for Android and iOS that allows you to scan your prints, eliminate any glare you’d get from taking a picture of them and organize them in digital form.


The PhotoScan app allows you to take an initial photo of a photo, wherein it recognizes the four corners of the frame and displays circular overlays on each corner of the scanned image. You then point your phone camera at each circle, create a robust scan of the image, and PhotoScan gets to work from there.

PhotoScan handles aspects such as glare, shadows, blown-out details and reflections via a four-corner scanning process.

Like an old-school panorama app, PhotoScan stitches together a single image from those several overlapped photos, making sure to eliminate any glare-infected shots while evening out the overall exposure.

Once it’s captured, a photo is backed up online and added to your Google Photos library, where the app offers its standard face-recognition and manual enhancement tricks.

PhotoScan is available for free and requires iOS 8.1 or later to install and run.

Via Wired and the App Store

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