Handspring's New Visor Edge

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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According to sources at PDABuzz.com Handspring is preparing an updated, thinner version of their popular Visor PDA for release this spring (April/May).

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The Visor Edge will retail for about US$399 (according to PDABuzz) and will come in an all new metal enclosure and will be the thinnest, lightest Visor yet. The Edge will ship with Palm OS 3.5, 8 MB RAM, a lithium battery (ion or polymer) and a mega-cool detachable Springboard adaptor.

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The new detachable Springboard adapter piggy-backs on the rear of the PDA and allows you to have an ultra sleek PDA when detached. The Edge is expected to come in two colors, silver and blue, however the first shipping units are expected to be monochrome. [pictures courtesy of PDABuzz.com]

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