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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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iMacs EOL – The current crop of iMac are being End of Lifed (EOL) to make way for the new models being announced on 01 May 2001 – just like the highlighter-colored (key lime) iBook. This promotion went into effect on Friday, April 13, 2001:

Program dates: April 13, 2001 through July 8, 2001

Offer: Purchase a qualifying iMac computer and qualifying EPSON printer AND receive $69 back by mail. End users simply fill out the mail- in coupon, attach the requested proof of purchase and send in for fulfillment.

Qualifying Apple products include:

Apple Part # Product Description

  • M7667LL/A – iMac (350MHz/512KL2/64MB/7GB/24CD/56K) Indigo
  • M7639LL/A – iMac DV (400MHz/512KL2/64MB/10GB/24CD/56K) Indigo
  • M7706LL/A – iMac DV (400MHz/512KL2/64MB/10GB/24CD/56K) Ruby
  • M7647LL/A – iMac DV (450MHz/512KL2/64MB/20GB/4DVD/56K) Indigo
  • M7652LL/A – iMac DV (450MHz/512KL2/64MB/20GB/4DVD/56K) Ruby
  • M7676LL/A – iMac DV (450MHz/512KL2/64MB/20GB/4DVD/56K) Sage
  • M7651LL/A – iMac DV Special Edition (500MHz/512KL2/128MB/30GB/4DVD) Graphite
  • M7709LL/A – iMac DV Special Edition (500MHz/512KL2/128MB/30GB/4DVD) Snow
  • M7683LL/A – iMac (400MHz/512KL2/64MB/10GB/24CD/56K) Indigo
  • M7669LL/A – iMac (500MHz/256KL2/64MB/20GB/8CDRW/56K) Indigo
  • M8347LL/A – iMac (500MHz/256KL2/64MB/20GB/8CDRW/56K) Blue Dalmatian
  • M8348LL/A – iMac (500MHz/256KL2/64MB/20GB/8CDRW/56K) Flower Power
  • M7675LL/A – iMac Special Edition (600MHz/256KL2/128MB/40GB/8CDRW/56K) Blue Dalmatian
  • M7679LL/A – iMac Special Edition (600MHz/256KL2/128MB/40GB/8CDRW/56K) Flower Power
  • M7680LL/A – iMac Special Edition (600MHz/256KL2/128MB/40GB/8CDRW/56K) Graphite

A bomb scare at Burbank Airport involved a TiBook: “the titanium in the laptop may have triggered a false reading, officials said” [LATimes]

eBay: Prime Location: Apple Computer Store for sale US$100,000.

Sony released the Mac OS 9 driver [1.4 MB] for the eMarker.

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