Holiday Gifts: Inexpensive Logo Items at Apple Retail Stores

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Date: Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002, 07:12
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Apple has begun carrying a limited selection of Apple Logo Items at a number of their retail stores recently. At the checkout counter in a clear Lucite P.O.P. (point-of-purchase) display case a number of interesting item can be found. All the items are finished in either a brushed/satin, or mirror-like silver finish. The items are:

  • Luggage Lock: A twisted stainless steel cable loop attached to a flat, square metal piece with three combination dials showing at the bottom edge and an white Apple logo silk-screened on the face.
  • Money Clip: Standard size money clip combined mirror-like finish on outer two-thirds and brushed finish on the center third with etched Apple logo.
  • Desk Clock: The largest, and heaviest item of all, it stands roughly 4.5 inches tall. It has a highly polished finish, arch-like shape with a small (maybe 1.5 inch) white face.
  • Key Chain: A twisted stainless steel cable loop attached to a small one inch tall by .5 inch wide metal block with an Apple logo on the face (I can’t remember if it was etched or screen printed.)
  • Ball Point Pens: Two different designs, both Silver one Satin finish, the other mirror-like both with a small black silk-screened Apple logo near the top (an the cap.)
  • Executive Roller Ball Pen: Silver satin finish contemporary design with etched Apple logo.

    All of the items are under US$25, most are under $12. I’m sure they’ll be a great additional profit center for the retail shops. So far I have seen them at the store at the Falls in Miami and The Westchester store. Interestingly the folks at the Flagship SoHo (NYC) store said they either didn’t know what I was talking about, hadn’t seen them, or that they were available online at but as far as I can tell, they are not. These will no doubt make great Chanukah gifts, and Xmas stocking stuffers. [Ed: I can verify that — don’t seem to be at the Apple Store online. Saw the display at Woodfield, IL so I’m surprised they haven’t hit NYC/Soho yet. Readers — any advice for people not near a store or not in the US? For people who are, these are nice gift items! -PK]

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