iBook: Due for Update in October?

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Date: Saturday, August 17th, 2002, 01:08
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Among the many laptop prognostication tools is the age-old calendrical analysis technique. Is it reliable? Not necessarily. But Apple has been known to follow certain seasonal calendars, at least approximately. Is iBook due? -Ed.

Can we expect to see the next revision of the iBook to be October 2002? Below is the product schedule of previous iBooks. According to the IBM website on the 750FX chip it says it can run up to 1GHz and supports up to a 200MHz system bus along with its built-in full-speed 512K L2 cache. Seems like if they did this it would make the iBook fly! Throw in a better video card and this thing would be smokin! Maybe too fast compared to the PowerBook which I’m guess might top-out at 1GHz soon.

iBook (14.1 LCD 16VRAM): Specifications – 2002.05
iBook (14.1 LCD): Specifications – 2002.01
iBook (16VRAM): Specifications – 2002.05
iBook (Late 2001): Specifications – 2001.10
iBook (Dual USB): Specifications – 2001.05
iBook (FireWire) and iBook Special Edition (FireWire): Specifications – 2000.09
iBook: Specifications – 1999.07

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