iFixit tears down 9.7-inch iPad, finds similar components to original iPad Air

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Date: Friday, March 31st, 2017, 05:01
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The new 9.7-inch iPad is built on a pretty familiar framework.

Last week, Apple unveiled its 9.7-inch iPad. According to the teardown performed by the coolest of felines at iFixit, the new iPad is essentially a spruced-up version of the original iPad Air released in 2013. They share the same battery and the same display. There are some minor tweaks, too, including the integration of the third-generation A9 chip and Touch ID capabilities.

The new model is a minor upgrade, but arrives at a nice price point wherein the 32GB model is $329, compared to the previous entry-level iPad Air 2 that went for $399.

Like the original iPad Air, the new 9.7-inch iPad has an LCD and digitizer that are unfused, which makes it easier to repair. In fact, iFixit could fit the LCD and digitizer connectors from an Air 1 into the new iPad but haven’t tested if they worked and were actually compatible.

It’s presently unknown as to whether the new 9.7-inch iPad uses a brighter Retina display, although the new display is reported to be 44 percent brighter than the original iPad Air display.

Also of note is that there seems to be less tape inside the new iPad to secure internal components. Most notable is the addition of Touch ID sensor to the Home button on the new iPad.

So, relatively familiar hardware and it’s now available at a better price point.

These aren’t bad things.

Please let us know what you make of the new iPad, for better or for worse in the comments.

Via Macworld and iFixit

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