iLife Delayed, Possible Precursor to new Hardware

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Date: Saturday, January 25th, 2003, 12:00
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Think Secret is reporting that iLife was delayed until 31 January because of an impending Apple hardware announcement:

Sources confirmed today that the sale of Apple’s iLife software package has been delayed from January 25, this weekend, until January 31. However, the date was backed up not as the result of any software issue, but rather to correspond with the release of new hardware speed bumps.

Apple did not provide a reason for the delay, but Think Secret sources have confirmed that iLife discs have been burned and many of Apple’s retail locations are already sitting on boxes of the bundle, ready to sell. A call to some Apple retail stores found no stock of iLife discs, but while the sale has been delayed, the shipments clearly have not, to some stores.

In fact, the delay has nothing to do with iLife itself or its applications, but rather the forthcoming upgrades to iMacs and other hardware, sources said. iLife has been delayed to correspond with the release of the new hardware, upon which the iLife applications will be pre-installed.

The new models will tentatively be announced the following week, possibly on Monday, February 3.

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