Intel Chip to Include Antipiracy Features

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Date: Wednesday, September 11th, 2002, 11:00
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An article in the Boston Globe discusses Intel’s announcement that it will embed an anti-piracy featured dubbed LaGrande into its next generation of microprocessors.

The technology, code-named LaGrande, was designed to protect computers from viruses and bad-natured hackers. But the feature will also give Hollywood, the recording industry, and software makers much stronger controls over the way consumers use their digital music, films, and computer programs.

Publishers, for example, may prevent PCs that run LaGrande and Microsoft Corp.’s software-based Palladium security technology from copying CDs, forwarding certain documents, or running unlicensed software.

Is LaGrande a worthwhile effort or will the technology be used at the expense of your privacy? Intel added a processor serial number to its Pentium III chips back in 1999 only to remove the feature a year later under pressure from privacy advocates.

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