iPhone SE leak indicates 16GB base capacity, NFC chip for Apple Pay

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Date: Thursday, March 17th, 2016, 08:30
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Well, this kind of thing happens sometimes.

Supply chain personnel in China have apparently snapped a specifications sticker for the upcoming iPhone SE.

According to the sticker, Apple will drop the “5” from the new handset’s name, sticking instead with “iPhone SE.” The device will be available in a 16-gigabyte capacity and carry an NFC chip for Apple Pay support.

The leaker also seemed to indicate that the iPhone SE will arrive in a 64-gigabyte configuration, with four color choices — presumably silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold. The tipster also wrote that the overall design of the iPhone SE is similar to the iPhone 6s, which matches up with numerous previous predictions.

Beyond this, very little is know about the iPhone SE. Analysts are split as to whether it will be powered by an A9 processor or an older unit and are unsure of the rumor as to whether it will feature a 4K camera.

Final details will be revealed at the Apple media event, which has been scheduled for March 21st in Cupertino, California.

Via AppleInsider and Weibo

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