iPod Accessories Arrive at Light Speed

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Date: Wednesday, November 27th, 2002, 00:00
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Last month I bagged a 10GB iPod open box special at my local Best Buy. It was slightly scratched, and missing the power adapter and firewire cable, but I talked them down to US$249 (normally US$399 retail). After some internal distress, I eventually purchased the power adapter at the ridiculous price of US$49…still a good deal overall on an iPod.

While surfing the Apple Support Web site yesterday morning, I stumbled upon the iPod Service Web site where I discovered you can order replacement parts! Hoping that I might be sent a new power adapter in a retail box that I could then return for a lovely credit for my prior purchase. Honestly, I was pretty amazed that you could request accessories online!

The repair status page on the Apple Support web site yesterday reported that each of the three parts ordered had been submitted (that was 21:36 Pacific Time). This morning, the status was the same. When I returned home from work this afternoon (4 PM Central Time) there was two boxes and one padded envelope on my desk, and the parts were already here.

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