iPod Experience: Disk Errors with 30GB?

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Date: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003, 23:19
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Some users are reporting random disk errors when using the new iPods to transfer large files in FireWire disk mode. Read more . . .

I have had 2 of the new 30GB iPods so far. The first was returned after large MPEG’s I had created failed to copy FROM my new iPod to my work computer. The iMac would completely freeze forcing me to either unplug the iPod or do a hard restart. Trying to copy the file to another Mac also caused the same problem. For all the world it acted like a disk with bad sectors. But running Disk Warrior or Drive 10 also caused lock-ups.
I returned the unit at once and just tonight had the exact problem with another file on the 30GB iPod! Copying a large disk image from the iMac to the iPod and then trying to copy it to my TiBook caused the same problem – TiBook locks up during copy and file appears to be corrupt. And copying the file BACK to the imac also locks up that machine. A check of the iPod discussion forums shows a few other users having similiar problems with their new iPods.
Ed: Disturbing . . . is this limited to the 30GB model, or current-generation 15GB and 10GB, too? Let us know your experience and (most importantly) let us know if any technical gurus have found a solution or if Apple might have a fix! -PK

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