Jaguar Party: Springboard, Philadelphia

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Date: Wednesday, August 21st, 2002, 05:57
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We are having a big Jaguar release party down here at Springboard. It will be Friday night, the 23rd of August. Doors open at 9 PM, and the new OS goes on sale at 10:20 PM. We will be giving away an iPod, doing all sorts of demos, serving refreshments,live DJ spinning, and much much more. Fun!

[Ed’s note: Sounds great to me, and you can expect to see some Philly-based PowerPage characters there. If we’ve somehow missed the Jaguar Party in your neck of the woods, be sure to post it to the Newswire. And, yes, we still have openings for guests at the official PowerPage Soho party. -PK]

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