Jobs denies future upgrades for original iPhone

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Date: Tuesday, April 13th, 2010, 04:56
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You’ve got to hand it to Steve Jobs: he’s getting to the point pretty quickly these days.

Per iLounge, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has replied to a customer’s e-amil with the statement that the original iPhone won’t be supported by future software updates.

In the exchange, Twitter user Ven000m asked Jobs in a tweet if Apple would be “supporting/updating” the original iPhone in the future, to which the regularly terse Jobs replied, “sorry, no.” Apple made no mention of the original iPhone or the first-generation iPod touch during its iPhone OS 4.0 special event last week, where it announced that the new multitasking features would be limited to the iPhone 3GS and third-generation iPod touch, with the iPhone 3G receiving a stripped down upgrade

Jobs would later offer comments during a Q & A session that suggested the company was ceasing support for its oldest iPhone OS devices.

On the plus side, the newer handsets are fairly awesome and will look great with the torches and pitchforks you’ll be holding as you stand outside 1 Infinite Loop…

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2 Responses to “Jobs denies future upgrades for original iPhone”

  1. Wouldn't you think that at least *SOME* of the 100 new features in OS4 could be used on the 2007 iPhone?

    Why wouldn't it be capable of simple things like “folders” or even “new app features”?

  2. I got a 1st gen iPhone in Jan 2008. So after 2 years I am dead-ended? That is the norm for regular phones – what you buy is what you get. Basically disposable. I guess that is OK when the device is functionally free, but the first gen iphone cost hundreds. Apple has done the same thing over the years – cut off old models even though they could get upgrades. I have a $500-when-new 20gb 2nd gen ipod – why would Apple not add Apple Lossless support? I understand when there are hardware requirements. I might even give a pass on a struggling company that can't afford the development or QA — clearly not the case here. I feel disenfranchised.

    What will this mean? Has Apple just created a huge base of users with strong reason to jailbreak their phone? Or are they simply betting that with the contract finished, 1st gen users will automatically upgrade to whatever is new in June?