Kraft and Gevalia in Hot Water for Coffee Spam

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Date: Wednesday, April 20th, 2005, 17:44
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An ISP suing Kraft and its susidiary Gevalia for US$11.7 million for coffee spam in violation of federal and California anti-spam laws. Read More…

Just thought you’d appreciate a heads up. Like most folks with an email address, we’ve been getting spam pushing Gevalia coffee for years. We finally had enough and filed on Monday an $11.7 million law suit against Kraft and its subsidiary Gevalia for violating federal and California anti-spam laws. We even submitted a brand new, never used email address to Gevalia’s opt-out link as a test. Sure enough, that email address, given only to Gevalia, started getting daily spam for all kinds of products and services.
As ABCNews may be aware, some of Gevalia spam uses text from’s website, hidden inside the spam, as a way of getting around spam filters. Interestingly enough L. L. Bean sued Gevalia in 2004 for “parasitic placement of pop’up advertisements on L. L. Bean’s web site through the use of spyware.” Last year we sued in the first lawsuit filed under the new, and appropriately named, CAN-SPAM Act. It’s clear Gevalia didn’t take the hint.
A press release with a bunch of supporting documents is also available for your review.

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