Leaked photo shows AT&T plan to alter iPhone text messaging plans

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Date: Thursday, January 20th, 2011, 05:33
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You’ve got to admit, a little competition leads to some interesting changes.

Per GearLive, AT&T looks to be consolidating their text message plans, eliminating the low and high ends and meeting somewhere in the middle.

GearLive is reporting that AT&T appears ready to make some revisions to their text messaging plans next week. Thanks to the following leaked screenshot from Best Buy, the wireless carrier plans to eliminate their two current packages and consolidate them into a new one priced at US$10 per month for 1,000 text messages:

Via the image, AT&T looks to be retiring its US$5 for 200 text messages/month and US$15 for 1,500/month text message plans.

The good news with this change is that existing customers will be grandfathered in, meaning they can keep their existing text message plans — even through upgrades or other changes to their account.

The changes look to be slated for Sunday, January 23rd.

As always, let us know what’s on your minds per this issue.

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One Response to “Leaked photo shows AT&T plan to alter iPhone text messaging plans”

  1. I find this to be a horrid display of greed by AT&T. I personally do not text a lot, during most of the year, and so the smallest package of 200 texts @ $5 a month appeals to me. However, in the two summer months that I do text a lot, I prefer to switch to one of the higher plans for $15 a month. But because of this rate change, I won’t be able to switch between packages because if I do, I can no longer switch back to the $5 a month package. The new smallest package of 1000 texts will now cost $10 a month. This would cost me $120 a year vs the $80 I pay ($5 a month for ten months and $15 for two months).