Living in the Proverbial Closet Because of the Big Business Marketing Machine

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Date: Tuesday, October 12th, 2004, 11:19
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Faithful Apple users enjoy to hide the fact they are Mac fanatics, especially when toting the iPod. Read more…

This Wired story hit home with me about what happens when a beloved brand becomes so marketed that though being a tremendous product, it becomes a item associated with the mainstream or the affluent.
“It makes me feel individual to customize it,” Godin said. “Even if its just changing the headphones. That’s the irony of the whole thing. Most of the people who are Apple’s biggest cheering section are people who go out of their way to wear what everyone else is not wearing and eat where not everyone else is eating. They’re the kind of people who like to customize their life and feel like they’re independent.”
No doubt many who hate Microsoft/PC products will violently criticize the notion of this article and that of Wired… but it does have a unique spin on people’s view and attitudes of products marketed successfully.
I also like what one commenter stated concerning earlier adopters; “recognition of cultural superiority.” This is something that too easily crops up in the Apple world (as well the WinTel faithful when they debate “who’s better”) as users become more biased and partial and don’t see the needs and usefulness of other software and hardware. So much so it becomes worrisome to be around such folk. And like the point of the article, you shun the idea of flaunting the fact.
Personally, I find the iPod clean and efficient. Which differs greatly from the over the top “tech look” and “messy” ergonomics. The software interface is the bread winner, it’s what makes the user experience delightful. The tactile feel of the chrome bottom is the cherry on top. All that aside, it does look a bit like a glorified soap bar. So to the “fashion conscience” world: take your vain notions and live on a island – stop influencing people for the wrong reason.

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