Lucent WaveLan Driver for X due in April

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Go2Mac reader Matt Wiener writes about the availability of the Lucent/ORiNOCO wireless driver for Mac OS X.

I have an older Powerbook G3 and I use a Lucent/ORiNOCO Wavelan card to connect to an AirPort network at home and at work.? Yesterday I purchased a copy of OS X only to find that they offer no support for 3rd party lan cards.

I have seen alot of message boards on mac sites where people are tring to get their power books to work with Wavelan cards.? I called ORiNOCO support and they said that Lucent blew it, they were supposed to post a OS X driver on the Orinoco Web Site before OS X was released. They told me that the “offical word” from lucent is that the drivers would be posted some time in April. They also said, it could be as early as April first or as late as April 30th.

? So this is for all the people who are frustrated and all the others who are going to buy OS X and have a pre prismo powerbook using wavelan network cards this would be great news.? If you would like to confirm this information you can call 1-866-674-6626.


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