Mac Everquest to Run on Separate Servers

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Date: Friday, December 20th, 2002, 01:28
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Sony Online Entertainment is developing Everquest for Mac OS X. Very cool. (announced back in July, Westlake is doing the port). An element of extreme uncoolness, however, is the fact that Mac EQ will be run on separate servers. Short version: if you’re going to play on a Mac, you’ll only be playing with other Mac Users. While Mac gamers are cool, of course, it’d be nice to get the same experience as any novice PC player.

There’s an online petition to SOE to request that the Mac players be allowed to play on the same servers as everyone else, and therefore play the same game as everyone else. Put something insightful and polite in the comments field when you sign. We want to let them know what we think; not to be rude and make them mad. They are still making EQ for the Mac, after all.

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