Mac OS 10.3.9 Introduces Java Segmentation Fault (Updated 3x)

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Date: Tuesday, April 19th, 2005, 09:24
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Some users are reporting problems after installing Mac OS 10.3.9 and Apple has posted a workaround for the Java Segmentation error plaguing many users. Read More…

Some users are reporting problems after installing Mac OS 10.3.9:

Don’t install Mac OS 10.3.9 if you’ve got a G4 CPU upgrade card from Sonnet Tech. I’ve got one of their (otherwise great!) Encore ZIF/G4 cards in my Blue & White G3 and 10.3.9 trashed my entire system. Still rebuilding from my original 10.3.5 CDs. Grrr. (Reader 1)
When updated, Safari won’t launch anymore. I had to reinstall previous version of Safari from Apple’s web site. I have read similar reaction on french forums. (Reader 2)
After installing 10.3.9, my external firewire drive will not mount. Checked by booting with DiskWarrior and all is well. !0.3.9, no go. (Reader 3)
After about 24 hours from update: seemingly a bit slower in Start Up and Shut Down (about 10%), and no problems in standard use of Safari, Mail, Internet Connect, iCal, Address Book, iSync, Stickies, MS Word and Excel, HourWorld, Seti@home, PowerTerm, Dock Fun!, and Solitaire Plus. Hardware: Powerbook G4 1GHz, 1Mb RAM, 60Gb hard Disk.(Reader 4)

UPDATED 2005-0419 11:00 EDT is reporting that 10.3.9 introduced a Java bug in Java glitch hits OS X update

“After updating to Mac OS X 10.3.9, some systems may have issues with Java applications and Java-enabled websites when using Safari,” the Mac maker said in a posting to its support Web site. “Safari may unexpectedly quit, and standalone Java applications may unexpectedly quit or not launch.”
An Apple representative said the company plans to keep the update available. As of 5 p.m. Monday, it had not posted information alerting customers to the potential Java problem on the download page for the update. Apple released the OS update on Friday.

Apple has posted a workaround for the 10.3.9 Java issues:

You can perform a simple test to verify whether your computer is experiencing this issue. If it is, you will need to reinstall one or two software updates to resolve the issue.
Verifying the issue
1. Go to the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder.
2. Open Terminal.
3. Type: java -version
4. Press Return.
If this issue affects your computer, you will get the the message, “Segmentation fault” (if you don’t see this, your computer is not affected by this issue). To resolve the issue, reinstall one or both of the following software updates.

Let us know how it’s working for you.

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