Mac OS X 4L7 Update Unofficially Available

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Our friends at Apple Onlooker have posted Apple’s forthcoming 4L7 updater [6.4 MB] for Mac OS X. Go2Mac has received reliable information that the update is schedule to go Golden Master (GM) tomorrow for release via Software update on Thursday. I don’t think that this is the final Thursday release as it does not appear to contain the rumored updates to

Please note: this is NOT an official Apple release. Use it at your own risk.

The Mac OS X 10.0.1 Updater archive contained three packages:

  • SoftwareUpdate131.pkg
  • 10.0.1Update.pkg
  • EpsonPrintDrivers.pkg

10.0.1Update.pkg’s read me stated:

The 10.0.1 Update for Mac OS X delivers support for iTunes, improved USB compatibility, as well as stability and performance improvements.

The EpsonPrintDrives.pkg simple adds Japanese Language Support. The Epson Printer Driver Update will enable printing for the Japanese language.

Finally SW Update 1.3.1:

Software Update 1.3.1 delivers improved network performance, support for proxy authentication, improved status reporting, and resolves an issue for MP systems.

More news will come once the build is tested further.

You can download 4L7 Update while it lasts.

Have you tried it? The brave should post their thoughts using the feedback link below.

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