Mac PPC outperforms Intel in SETI Project

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The PowerPage has received numerous reports from Mac users regarding their use of the client software for the SETI@Home Project. A few miscellaneous problems have been reported but it seems that they are due to inadequate hardware. From what I hear, anything under 180Mhz is a real dog but Mac users are excited about this use of collaborative processing anyway.

Although the PowerPage labs would like to be credited with being the first to find an incoming signal, we’re happy to report the CPU results that have been posted to date. The last time I checked the figures, the Mac PPC is outperforming the Intel CPU by close to 20%. Maybe Apple should take advantage of this fact in a manner that our reader suggests:

I have downloaded the SETI@home client and am using it. I think that Apple should adopt this project as a real example of “think different”, advertise it on the Apple web-site like it does the Phantom Menace, and try to enlist as many Mac users world-wide as possible. It doesn’t matter if we find anything, its the collective effort that is important.

If you hear of any other collaborative processing projects that Mac users can be a part of in pursuit of a Mac world based on voluntary cooperation, mutual aid and liberated desire, send us word.

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