Mac to Mobile: More on Bluetooth and 802.11b

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Date: Monday, August 12th, 2002, 22:15
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Reader Peter writes us on Airport and Bluetooth: “So here is the scoop on Bluetooth. It runs on the same frequency as Airport (802.11b). So if you say it severly limits Airports range, try “it won’t let airport work at all.” on for size. In fact, Ford Motor company over a year ago canned all bluetooth devices on campus, due to it knocking down any wireless networks.

”I know of at least one company working to piggy-back bluetooth on the same frequency. I would liken it to some one on the phone and DSL running at the same time, on the same line.

”But to date, I have seen nothing on the market that makes this work, and MWSF might very well be the time this problem gets solved.”

Your Associate Editor has a Bluetooth-equipped Ericsson T68m, and an Airport network, so stay tuned for some real world tests of this equipment and an in-depth look at the Mac-to-Mobile experience coming up soon (plus iCal and iSync with the Ericsson when that software ships next month).

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