MacHack: Light Sleeper Hack For PBG4

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Last week’s MacHack 2001 Conference concluded Saturday and several cool hacks were built and announced during the 72-hour conference billed as “Caffeine & Code.”

One hack of interest to PowerBook users is Light Sleep, which makes the Apple logo on the PowerBook G4 (and new iMac) pulse when it is put to sleep, instead of pulsing the sleep LED. The problem is that the hack drains much more battery power than regular sleep because it has to power the screen on and off.

Another interesting sounding hack is iTunes Dance Dock Plug-in which makes the icons in the dock resize to the music like an equalizer in iTunes for Mac OS X. All of the hacks will be available on a CD-ROM within about 30 days or so.

According to a MacCentral story “one hacker broke the screen of his G4 PowerBook at the beginning of the conference. Only the top third of his screen still worked. Did this stop him? Did he cry out against the uncaring fates? No, he wrote a hack that resized his desktop into the now diminished area of his screen.”

Now that is an enterprising hack.

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