Megahertz Myth Commercial – Take One

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Date: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002, 03:26
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Viewing the instrument panel of a V8 sports luxury sedan: 65mph with 2,600 rpm showing on the tach. Cut to a Yugo instrument panel showing 65mph and 4,600 rpm. Engine noise is fierce and the driver turns on the radio to to an annoying Intel Pentium ad with the familiar tones, but it doesn’t come close to drowning out the noise. Cut back to the subdued mechanical hum of the luxo cruiser, turn on some chamber music and the engine noise fades into the background. Cut back to the Yugo climbing a hill, downshift and watch the revs climb along with the needle on the temperature gauge. Back to the V8 again and a gentle push on the accelerator takes care of things. Is rpm the measure of performance in the automotive world? I don’t think so. If Apple could shed that rev-limiter named Motorola, they could blow away the competition. Let’s go Big Blue.

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