Middle Seat Prototypes: Hands on with Palm Tungsten

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Date: Tuesday, October 29th, 2002, 03:02
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Very interesting! Three weeks ago, I was on a flight from Ft. Lauderdale to NY and the chap sitting next to me had what I thought was a new Blackberry… turns out he had a fully functional Tungsten W! Wireless web, e-mail, cell phone, the works. It is remarkably small and light… it felt to me not much bigger than a 515 (I did get to play!) It had a wraparound leather cover to protect the screen, both web browsing and web clipping software (both looked great in full color!), a small round ‘Palm’ logo badge on the upper left side of the face and a distinct ‘Tungsten’ logo opposite right… very cool. It did not appear to have built-in Bluetooth; he pointed out the separate blooth SD card he had clipped inside the leather cover, but said it all worked and he loved it.

He tried to tell me that “his wife picked it up for him while she was on a business trip to Germany”… not a likely story to be bought by any true Palm fan!

Time to eBay my Sony N70; I’m sold!

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