Milwaukee Apple Store Grand Opening on Saturday

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Date: Monday, September 2nd, 2002, 21:45
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Apple’s first Apple Retail Store in Wisconsin opened on Saturday at the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa (Milwaukee metropolitan area). Hundreds of people showed up to welcome the store’s arrival. People came from all over, including Jack from As the Apple Turns (, everyone’s favorite Apple soap opera critic. At least 400 people were in line in the morning. The first guy, Dave Weston from Madison, WI, arrived at the mall at 1 AM! I left at 1 PM and there were still more than 100 people in line to get in. Mall customers walked by and were curious to see all the people in line waiting to get into the store. They wanted to know what was being given away. Most seemed amazed that people would stand in line to get into a computer store.

The grand opening was a big success! Everyone had a great time, and Apple will be very welcome, and successful, in Milwaukee. Check out my site to see pictures from the opening.

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